Led Zeppelin's Rock Solid Groove

John Paul Jones was Led Zeppelin's bass player, keyboard player and everything else that’s not covered by Jimmy Page’s roaring guitar riffs, Robert Plant’s wide-range vocals and John Bonham’s effortless thundering virtuosity.

John Paul Jones’s awesome talent is demonstrated by his ability to play practically any musical instrument. In fact if there’s any instrument he hasn’t learned yet, just give him time alone with it and he’ll emerge an expert in just a matter of weeks.

Always the quiet one who prefers to remain hidden behind his band mates even on stage, John Paul Jones has got to be one of the world’s most underrated musicians. Come to think of it, he is the driving force behind nearly every Led Zeppelin song that has become a hit.

While Jimmy rips those chunky chords, John Paul Jones takes care of the rhythm section. Not only is John Paul Jones an amazing bass player, he’s also a gifted piano and keyboard player, guitarist, mandolin player, music arranger and composer.

Anything Led Zeppelin plays that has complex or delicate melodic lines is by John Paul Jones – period!

Other instruments John Paul Jones plays include:
  • Koto,
  • Lap steel guitar,
  • Autoharp,
  • Ukulele,
  • Sitar, and
  • Cello

John Paul Jones playing a three-necked guitar. Is there anything the man can’t play?

Quick at finding awesome melodic riffs and embodying them into a funky groove, few could match the skill and tenacity at which John Paul Jones delivers each note, each line of music. This is true whether he’s playing bass, keyboard, guitar or mandolin.

Here he plays a lap steel guitar

Now to say that John Paul Jones’ talents and skills are an indispensable ingredient to the Led Zeppelin sound would be an understatement—the band wouldn’t have sounded half as great without him.

Good Times Bad Times, Black Dog, Night Flight, Thank You, Over the Hills and Far Away and All My Love are just a few of the songs that contain some of the best riffs and haunting melodies John Paul Jones wrote.

Here’s a video of Led Zeppelin playing “Dazed and Confused.” Notice how closely John Paul Jones works with John Bonham to keep the groove intact. Enjoy…


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