Robert Plant buys bootleg Led Zeppelin

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He's the last person on earth you'd expect to buy bootleg copies of Led Zeppelin's work. But, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant does. However, Robert refuses to pay full price for the items.

The legendary rock singer loves to go around town looking for shops that sell illegal copies of Led Zeppelin recordings. Threatening the vendors that Jimmy Page is gonna come after them, ensures that he gets the ones he likes for half the price.

Here's an excerpt of an interview with Robert Plant:

Robert: I’ve got all the symptoms of a major cocaine overdose, but in fact what it is causing it is seeing all this great New Orleans funk, Barrington Levy, dub and soul gathered in one fantastic place. They are also near another shop selling Led Zeppelin bootlegs on vinyl which are very nice too. I bought two copies of the Paris Theatre show, from London in 1972.

Interviewer: But Robert, you're the lead singer. You shouldn't have to buy Zeppelin bootlegs -- don't you just claim 'em?

Robert: Well, they looked a bit sheepish. When they tried to charge me full price I said , 'Don't do that or I'm gonna send Jimmy Page round?'.

The one that got away

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With his unique tone, phrasing and playing style, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy page has greatly contributed in shaping the sound and style of today's hard rock guitar, making him one of the most influential musicians over the past 50 years.

During the early days of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page played a three-pickup 1960 Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty” equipped with a Bigsby vibrato arm. Jimmy relied heavily on this guitar, and used it a lot with the Yardbirds up until Led Zeppelin's '70 tour when it was stolen, at an airport, on their way to Canada.

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Jimmy issued an ad in Rolling Stone, but the guitar was never recovered. Jimmy now sadly refers to that beauty as "the one that got away."

The Black Beauty has this serial number on it: 06130. If you happen to get your hands on this axe, have a heart and return it to Jimmy.

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