The master craftsman's voice

A revolutionary and passionate inventor, Larry Lashbrook is ranked among the world's best luthiers. Starting as early as 1964, while still a senior High School student, Larry had accumulated more than 40 years of experience setting up, repairing as well as building and hand crafting custom guitars.

Larry has worked with a countless number of professional guitarists, most specially, Yngwie Malmsteen with whom he has worked with for almost 20 years.

During the early years, Larry began by simply copying the popular instruments at that time, such as the Gibson 335 and Les Paul style solid bodies. Later on he incorporated his own designs and ideas as he introduced new hardware and materials. He even devised his own set-up technique.

Larry's passion for building guitars coupled with his innovative mind eventually led to a steady stream customers. When Larry moved out of his parent's home and into his new abode in 1972, he was already a Master Luthier.

Larry is not the type of craftsman who would simply follow traditional designs. He is a revolutionary at heart, and so he began building a truly original guitar, one that is not only beautiful and plays well, but offers rich and varied tones with added functionality not found in other guitars. And so began his lifelong quest -- to build the ultimate guitar.

Today, this self-taught Master Luthier believes that he has realized his dreams. The beautiful ergonomic light weight design and the flawless tone of Lashbrook guitars reflect the master craftsman's soul.

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