The Led Zeppelin experience

They were the definitive rock band of the 70s. Officially formed on September 1968, the English heavy metal group had fused together different musical elements from blues, folk, funk, Celtic, classical, Indian, Arabic, pop, Latin, reggae, and country, to create the sound that was uniquely theirs.

No, they weren't concerned about the charts, the top 20 or things like that, and they didn't care about what others thought of them, after all they were pioneers in uncharted territory.

No words can completely describe Led Zeppelin's music or the power that it wields. Jimmy Page's heavy guitar riffs; Robert Plant's powerful voice; John Paul Jones' rhythmic bass and classically inspired keyboard melodies; and John Bonham's thundering drums, all added up to the intoxicating brew.

Led Zeppelin inspired an entire generation. They were icons in their own rights. Rock gods, as they were called. No other rock band has ever enjoyed this type of following.

Almost 30 years have passed since John Bonham's death and the disbanding of Led Zeppelin. Many bands have come and gone, but to this day, the music of Led Zeppelin still resounds -- LOUDLY!

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The making of a Led Zeppelin fan

Jimmy Page Playing a double neck Gibson electric guitar.

The crowd was cheering, and the stage was rumbling, a dizzying mixture of lights and sound. Then, from behind the smoke, I saw a man, armed with a double-neck electric guitar, a vision that changed my life forever.

He was the best guitar player I've ever seen or heard. He was everything I wanted to be. And from the moment he started playing, I was mesmerized. He was playing in a style that seemed impossible.

I watched carefully how he played. I wanted to learn his style, his technique, to be like him, but man, I couldn't keep up with him, even by just watching; he was playing at lightning speed!

Yeah, there was nobody like Jimmy Page. Every wail, moan, and roar of his guitar tells a story. He was the ultimate guitarist -- a kick@$$ guitar god!

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